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Whatsapp Group for Paid Subscriber

This is a discussion group for paid subscriber of GSTCORNOR® who wants to join the group need to join our E-Subscription plans. This group is complimentary benefit for our paid subscribers in addition to our E-Subscription package. Please read the below rules carefully before joining our whatsapp group

  • Follow the group rules and objective of the group
  • Maintain decorum of the group
  • Maintain professionalism in the the group
  • Actively participate in the group
  • Only GST related sharing is permissible in the group.
  • No personal introduction in the group
  • No marketing and publicity message/tools use in the group except by GSTCORNOR®
  • Don't spam with unnecessary chains & forwarded message in the group
  • Refrain from posting/sharing unnecessary things
  • Don't make fun of anyone
  • Don't make any personal message to the group members
  • Don't argue over silly matters in the group
  • Whether you agree or disagree with discussions in the group. be polite with your words and do not attack personalities; learn to discuss issues
  • Once you are added to the WhatsApp groups, get to know the objectives. If you agree with them stick around. If you can’t conform please just’left’
  • Personal message to group admins like who are you, from where you are etc should not be entertained
  • No phone call to admin
  • If any member is not following the above rules, we have authority to remove from the group
  • If any member have any problems related to group, you can directly message to group addmins and our team will fix this problem
  • Feedback & Suggestions are always invited