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Explanatory Notes to the Scheme of Classification of Service
Press Note Decisions 22nd Meeting – 06.10.2017  View
Press Note Export Package – 06.10.2017  View
GST Rate Approved By GST Council – 06.10.2017  View
Press Release of GST Council Meeting – 06.10.2017  View
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Core Field Amendment Procedure  View
Simplified E-Way Bill under GST  View
Special Charges Treatment Under GST  View
Analysis of E-Way Bill Rules – CA Vinamar Gupta  View
Accounting Entries under GST  View
GST Impact- Medical Industry-CA ZANWAR  View
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GST on Flat’s Maintenance Charge  View
GST On Jewellery Business  View
GST Scenario in Banking Industry  View
Sector Specific Studies-CA. S. Venkatramani  View
Travel Industry – GST impact  View
Pure Agent Concept in GST  View
Food Court HSN Code  View
Employee Payments – GST Implications  View
All India GST Jurisdiction  View
GST Jurisdiction  View
E-Way Bill By Rishabh Aggarwal  View
Are You Ready For Transition into GST  View
Geared Up For Billing Under GST  View
Get Ready For Simplified Refund Under GST  View
Get Simplified Composition Scheme under GST  View
Impact on Printing Industry  View
Simplified Input Tax Credit under GST  View
True & Correct Accounts under GST  View
HSN Code – Garments  View
PWC Report on Real Estate  View
Grant Thornton Presentation GST Transitional Provisions  View
Delivery Challan  View
YBM GST- Service Invoice Format  View
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