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UP, Bihar have Highest Number of Registered Businesses Paying nil GST

The government on Tuesday said that the state of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have the highest number of registered taxpayers who have paid nil Goods & Services Tax (GST) since its implementation.

Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary in a written reply to Parliament said a total of 2.22 lakh active normal registered users from UP have paid nil tax in cash under GST since the implementation of the unified tax regime. This is followed by Bihar and Maharashtra where 1.10 lakh and 1.05 registered GST taxpayers, respectively, have not paid any tax.

A report by government auditor CAG earlier claimed that despite four years of implementation of the GST a proper system of review and post-audit of refunds has not been set up to rectify mistakes in time. The CAG recorded 410 instances of double payments, amounting to Rs 13.73 crore.

The audit also noted 1,686 compliance offences in 14,48 cases out of 7,560 cases that CAG examined in detail— an embarrassing deviation rate of 22%, according to Economic Times.

"Considering that the department had verified 79 per cent of these claims, the deviation rate suggested that the verification process carried out by the department suffered from inadequacies. Out of 1,438 cases, where audit noticed irregularities, 1,132 cases had been verified by the department, and the department did not point out irregularities amounting to Rs 735.69 crore," the CAG said, according to the ET report.

The audit also covered Public Financial Management System (PFMS) data relating to GST refunds from July 2017 to September 2020. It recorded 410 instances of double payments owing to a lack of reconciliation and monitoring by the Department amounting to Rs 13.73 crore, reported ET.

Source : ET Now