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GST Department to Raid on Sugar Factories Godown: Shetty

Kolhapur, Aug 8 (UNI) Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS) national president Raju Shetty on Monday demanded that Goods and Service Tax(GST) state department should raid on sugar godowns of different sugar factories, which were doing 'Katamari' (giving short weight) for sugarcane with cheating farmers and mutually selling without paying GST. 

Shetty, who met GST joint commissioner Ms Vaishali Kashid this evening along with other SSS office bearers, said that while taking sugarcane from the farmers, sugar factories making ten percent short weight of sugarcane with cheating farmers and selling sugar, produced from short weight sugarcane without paying GST and suffered loss of both farmers and the state government. 

Shetty said that out of total 13.20 crore tone production of sugarcane, ten percent means 1.32 crore tone sugarcane thift in short weight by sugar factories and selling 14.78 lakh tone sugar from these stealed sugarcane without GST , Rs 229 crore lossed to the goverment. 

He demanded that GST department should raid on godowns of these sugar factories and checked all calculation. He handed over a memorandum of their demands to Ms Kashid. prof.Jalandhar Patil, state SSS president, Janardan Patil, district SSS president and Vaibhav Kamble were present on this occasion.