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Andhra Pradesh High Court, GST exempt on Cleaning & Maintenance of Toilets At Bus Stations

As these two notifications are still in force and no notification is issued modifying or overriding the same, we feel that the writ petition deserves to be allowed. Accordingly, this Writ Petition is allowed, declaring the action of the respondents in demanding C.G.S.T. and A.P.G.S.T. at the rate of 9% each on the monthly license fee paid by the petitioner for the work contract of maintenance of toilets at respondent No.4 bus station as illegal and improper. There shall be no order as to costs. The same is strongly opposed by Sri S.A.V.Sai Kumar, learned Assistant Government Pleader representing Sri Y. N. Vivekananda, learned Government Pleader for Commercial Tax appearing for respondent No.5, stating that the notifications relied upon by the petitioner do not apply to the case on hand.

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