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Supplier is Liable for Bulk of Tax, While Buyer is Responsible for Protective Portion

An additional factor is that where the tax liability has been met by way of reversal of ITC and similarly recovery is effected from the supplier as well, this would amount to a double benefit to the revenue. Thus, while the Department may reverse credit in the hands of the purchaser, this has to be a protective move, to be reversed and credit restored if the liability is made good by the supplier. Thus, the substantive liability falls on the supplier and the protective liability upon the purchaser. A mechanism must be put in place to address this situation.

The petitioner has chosen to seek rectification of order-in-original dated 29.07.2022 based upon the aforsaid decisions. The Court has no intention of intervening in the conclusion of the assessing authority on this aspect. However, the procedure followed by the authority is clearly contrary to the third proviso to Section 16 of the Act that necessitates that, where the authority proposes to take a view adverse to the applicant, due process must be followed.